Gong Bath

Full Moon Gong Bath: Release and Restore!

Sunday, August 22nd 6:00 to 8:00PM (SOLD OUT)

Full moons are excellent times to let go, release, and restore. And there is no better instrument than the gong for breaking up negative thought patterns or releasing stuck emotions from your mind and body. Get ready to get unstuck and get back into the flow and harmony of life. This special class was created to do deep healing work, but in a way that you can soak up rest and relaxation as it happens. You will leave this class resonating in peaceful vibrations of gratitude, unconditional love, and light. Come soak up the blessings of sound healing! 

This special class will include: 

Intention setting, some gentle yoga, guided meditation, poetry, and sound healing with the gong and other sound healing instruments. 

Registration Required

Limited spots available for 12

Must be vaccinated to attend

Contraindications: Pregnancy and Epilepsy

Teacher: Diana Gallegos, PhD, LMT, CYT

Contact Diana to register at dianaRgallegos@gmail.com

Pay Cost: $25