Full Moon Gong Bath

🌝 Full Moon Gong Bath 🌝
with Candle Light, Poetry, & Chocolates
Location: Heartland Yoga, Iowa City

Price: $25

Lighten up your heart and your spirit this Wednesday night with this illuminating, candle-lit and moon-lit sound healing experience. The beautiful combination of the sounds of the gong, singing bowls, and full moon will work to release those inner obstacles holding you back from feeling your true self. This special class is perfect if this year has brought some heaviness to your heart or fatigue and exhaustion to your body. Come and lay back, relax, and celebrate this season with the gift of deep relaxation for yourself in a comforting and beautiful space.

This special event will also include some gentle yoga, spirit-lifting poetry, and chocolate. But most of the experience will be the sound healing concert, as you relax and rest to the beautiful sounds of the gong and singing bowls that will culminate in the sensation of deep peace.

I hope you can join me, but whether you can or not know this...

YOU are loved 💕

YOU are more than enough 🦋

‘Tis the season to welcome your mind back home to your body 🌝

All levels, all abilities, all people welcome! New to sound healing or yoga? Come give it a try! Please contact me if you have any questions or if special accommodations are needed.

And, know this...

As quoted by Brene Brown:

No one belongs here more than you.


Blessings, love, and peace to all.

Happy Holidays!

Diana ❤

p.s., if you’d like to be put on the email list to be first informed about upcoming gong baths and sound healing events, please email me.



Link to register:


Sunny Gong Bath Retreat

**First Sundays of each month**

This 2-hour retreat will stimulate feelings of peace and deep relaxation, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter, with a healthier perspective as you move into the month. And it’s this place of peace, stillness, and silence that creative processing and positive intentions are born.

We will get to this calm and peaceful state by relaxing to the powerful, healing vibrations of the gong, interspersed with the sounds of Tibetan and frosted crystal bowls and other instruments, that work to release stress, tension, and emotional strain. And there is no better instrument than the gong to cut through the mental chatter that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Gong Baths are especially helpful for people who think that they can’t sit still, have a hard time stopping the mental chatter, always feel rushed, have fatigue, depression, or insomnia. We all deserve a break, rest, and deep relaxation. But anyone will benefit from this deeply relaxing and inspiring event, and what better way to spend a Sunday!

This is a gentle class open to everyone. No yoga or sound healing experience necessary.

The Retreat will also include:

  • Gentle yoga to unwind
  • Inspirational poetry/passages
  • Journaling or quiet time after class
  • Light refreshments after class for sharing time to talk to others about their and your experience, or just relax.
  • Option to join me for lunch at the Breadgarden after
  • Please note that this event is not suitable for those pregnant or those who suffer from seizures triggered by frequencies.

Space is limited, so please register early to reserve your spot.

CLICK HERE to Register, Upcoming Dates:

Sunday, October 6th

Sunday, November 3rd

Sunday, December 1st